Study Spanish in San José

Study Spanish in San Jose, Costa Rica
The capital of Costa Rica, San José is a lively, vibrant city with top class Spanish learning opportunities. If you take Spanish classes in San Jose, make sure you visit the El Pueblo area, home to more than 50 bars, great restaurants, shops and art galleries.
Central Valley Spanish School Central Valley Spanish School Apartado 6002-1000 San José (506) 363-7331
spanish language schools and spanish immersion in Costa Rica 1366-2050 San Pedro San José (506) 234-1001
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica through our Individualized Training Programs Personalized Spanish P.O. Box 14057 - 1000 San Jose 00-506-278-3220
Learn spanish with Centro de Idiomas Logos P.O.Box 3688-1000 San José (506) 258-7021
Instituto de Español "Costa Rica" P.O. Box 1405-2100 Guadalupe, San José (+506) 280-6622
Intensive Spanish Programs - Conversa 125 meters North of the Centro Colón building in San José (Calle 38 entre Avenidas 3 y 5) 506) 221-7649
Spanish schools in Costa Rica - Academia Tica Quinta Toyopán, San Rafael de Coronado San José (506) 229 00 13
Linguistic, cultural and community service center P.O Box 1383-2050 San José (011) (506) 281-0432
Spanish courses, internships, volunteer programs in Costa Rica PO Box 751-2150 Moravia San José (506) 223-9662
Costa Rica Spanish Language School Calle 33, Avdas. 1 y 3 Bo. Escalante San José (506) 281 1818
CRLA Costa Rican Language Academy. Barrio Dent, from Autos Subaru 506-280-5834
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica!! Forester Spanish Language School Los Yoses, del Automercado, 75 metros Sur, San José 506-225-3155
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at Epifania Spanish School South from Machu Pichu Restaurant | San Pedro 506-524-1726
Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School CRROBS PO Box 1817-2050 San Pedro 011-506-278-6062
The Spanish Zone - Our Culture from Inside San José. Freses de Curridabat, del condominio Linda Vista (506) 225-6122
MLSA P.O. BOX 548 Frankfort, IL 60423 USA (815) 464-1800
Comunicar, Spanish School Costa Rica PO Box 487-4050 Alajuela (506) 442-3279
Costa Rica Spanish School - Learn Spanish in Costa Rica Plaza del Doctor Letamendi, 7, 3 08007 Barcelona 34 93 453 0185